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Goners: A Short Story

A drifter. A beach town. A woman who emerges from the sea. Read "Goners," a free short story by Hannah Sternberg, and get lost in a gothic and mysterious world. Click to read:

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Turning the page into summer

(Yes, I meant it both ways.)



Subscribers to my email list (signup in the sidebar to your right) got a lineup of my late spring and summer classes, and a reflection on how summer influences creative life differently from other seasons. If you missed the email, you can still find an updated list of upcoming classes and events on the Events page.

I've also added a page called Class Resources, which you may have noticed in the top navigation. This is primarily for my students, and collects links and recommended reading from each of my classes. However, non-students might still find it entertaining and enlightening if they're interested in learning more about writing, publishing, marketing, or any of the above.

Coming soon, I'll be posting a new short story! My Pinterest followers are aware I've been ramping up my plans to sew more clothes soon. I just ordered a mini sewing machine, which is about all I have space for in our cramped but adorable apartment. I feel like I've been in a frenzy of creative activity of all kinds lately -- sewing more, cooking new meals, transitioning into my summer wardrobe, gardening on the patio. But I recognize that sometimes all these wonderful, happy little bursts of creativity mask a deeper fear of working on my writing -- something that other people will judge and scrutinize. I don't much care what you think of my homemade skirt (unless you like it!) or my patio garden, because they're not my livelihood or the expression of my deepest imaginings. All those other expressions aren't a waste of time at all -- they're a precious and important part of living -- but last night I exerted a bit of discipline and set the sewing patterns aside to finish "Goners," a short story about time, brotherhood, and creepy women who emerge from the sea. I hope you like it.


Now Online: Reading Like a Writer Audio

Did you miss my February library talk on reading like a writer? I've finally edited and uploaded the audio so you can listen at home! You can listen using the player below, or download it here as an mp3 and listen on your phone or other device while you're on the go!


Enjoy! And thanks again to all who attended on that cold, cold night in February!


Fresh New Spring Classes!

Check out the events page for information on an exciting new crop of spring classes!



Two new events, one new blog post, and a free Kindle!

Greetings beautiful website readers! A few items:

There are two new events on the events page for you to add to your calendars! First up is "Reading Like a Writer," my talk at the SE branch of the DC Public Library, on February 12 at 7pm. The library will be raffling off a free Kindle pre-loaded with my books to one of the attendees!

Then, check out my upcoming class at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop -- I'll be teaching eight more weeks of Writing Games starting February 23! Register at the CHAW website: click here.

New online: I have another blog post up at CHAW's website, based on one of my class themes. Check it out: Making the Leap: Busting a Writer's Worst Stumper.

And, for my students: tonight I mentioned a blog post I'd written two years ago as a reference for anyone interested in learning more about publishing. Since it's now buried in my blog, here's a link for anyone who's looking: Hannah's Quick and Dirty Guide to Book Publishing.