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Two new events, one new blog post, and a free Kindle!

Greetings beautiful website readers! A few items:

There are two new events on the events page for you to add to your calendars! First up is "Reading Like a Writer," my talk at the SE branch of the DC Public Library, on February 12 at 7pm. The library will be raffling off a free Kindle pre-loaded with my books to one of the attendees!

Then, check out my upcoming class at Capitol Hill Arts Workshop -- I'll be teaching eight more weeks of Writing Games starting February 23! Register at the CHAW website: click here.

New online: I have another blog post up at CHAW's website, based on one of my class themes. Check it out: Making the Leap: Busting a Writer's Worst Stumper.

And, for my students: tonight I mentioned a blog post I'd written two years ago as a reference for anyone interested in learning more about publishing. Since it's now buried in my blog, here's a link for anyone who's looking: Hannah's Quick and Dirty Guide to Book Publishing.


Be a Farm-to-Table Art Consumer

A recent article in Slate detailed how female music artists' contributions to their albums often go uncredited, or highly questioned, whereas men's leadership over their creative projects is often accepted uncritically. In an interview with Bjork for Pitchfork, music journalist Jessica Hopper paraphrased Joni Mitchell: "whichever man was in the room with her got credit for her genius." Ultimately, though, that article and the interview it referenced made me realize how little I know about music production. I don't really know much about how the idea of a song makes it from the artist's head to the album to the consumer's ears. I hadn't realized how big of a slight it is for a woman to be denied production credit for her own album, because I don't really know what goes into a production credit. And I think I'm not alone.

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The Biggest Mistake Aspiring Writers Can Make

I’ve heard it a lot in writing circles. I’ve heard it in classes, and online critique groups, in blog posts and major magazine articles. “How am I supposed to be successful when the only stuff that’s selling well is crap like Twilight and 50 Shades of Grey?” “Editors are only acquiring stupid books that have vampires/apocalyses/BDSM in them. No one’s interested in really good books.” “Readers have really lowered their standards. No one’s buying challenging, unique books anymore.” “I’m never going to compete against the people who publish a dozen shlocky romance novels a year and get a million downloads of them.” Harboring that attitude is the worst mistake an aspiring writer can make. Even if you have great potential and drive, a bucketful of talent and a few good connections, I genuinely believe that this attitude can stunt a writer’s success. Here’s why:

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Insta-Adventures with Bulfinch!

Back when I launched Bulfinch, I posted a challenge to anyone who had pre-ordered, or requested a knight toy:


How to get your knights...and join the fun!

A photo posted by @hannahsternberg88 on Aug 8, 2014 at 6:41am PDT

...and, at long last, I present to you the adventures of your army of knights! I'll do my best to collect the ones that were sent to me, but if I miss something, reach out to me on Instagram or use the contact form to send me a note! Some friends submitted their photos on Facebook, so I've copied them with their permission.

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Get unstuck.

Here's the final wrap-up of 2014! The theme for myself, as well as my classes, was getting unstuck -- letting go of the things holding back your life and creativity, and discovering the freedom to move forward that had been there all along.

I summed up some of my classes for the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop blog, so people who didn't live in the DC area or for some other reason couldn't make it to my classes could still follow along. Here are the links. I hope they open up your heart to more reading and writing!

Week One: Quite a Character

Week Two: Let's Do the Time Warp Again

Week Three: Where in the World Is NaNoWriMo?