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Queens of All the Earth
Bancroft Press, October 2011

NEW: Interview with Hannah Sternberg on Queens of All the Earth, writing, and travel. Read it here.

"It’s an intimate novel. ...Sternberg captures the tension between romantic imagination  and the exhaustion, confusion, and hundreds of tiny inconveniences of traveling abroad. The characters, and the interactions between them, are keenly observed...I can see this one sitting on a hostel shelf somewhere itself and being read many, many times."

- Draw Explosions blog
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"There is a poetic note in this book which is very beautiful and brings a sweetness and a very romantic side to the narrative. Un livre qui se lit vite et facilement et qui séduira les âmes sensibles à la fragilité humaine [A tale that will seduce souls in love with human frailty]."

- Read Your Dreams blog
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"The very first thing that I noticed about this book was the exquisite description that flows throughout it. ... I loved this book, plain and simple. ... It was a truly innocent book, and it had a feeling to it of that childhood love and sweetness ... the book left me with a warm feeling inside that I'm sure won't go away for a while."

- Atheneum book blog
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"Queens of All the Earth was a whimsical and heart-warming coming of age novel. It was a spectacular effort for a debut novel...It had a sweetness and a purity that I have rarely come across in YA fiction. Instead of focusing on the trivialities of lust, sex and peer pressure, Sternberg created an amazing coming-of-age story that reminded me of Perks of Being a Wallflower in its sincerity."

- Raiding Bookshelves blog
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  • Queens of All the Earth
    by Hannah Sternberg

    Order Hannah Sternberg's first novel, a young adult tale of travel, love and sisters, on Amazon now.

    As her freshman classmates move into dorms at Cornell University, Olivia Somerset suffers a nervous breakdown. When months of coaxing and analyzing fail to rouse Olivia from her stupor, big sister Miranda decides the sisters should fly off to Barcelona for some "vacation therapy."

    When a mistake at their Barcelona hostel leaves the Somersets in a large co-ed dorm room, Olivia and Miranda are saved by kindly Mr. Brown and his son Greg, who happily volunteer to surrender their private room. But while Olivia feels an instant connection with brooding Greg Brown, Miranda sides with fellow guest and cocky American travel writer Lenny:

    The Browns are "just plain weird," and must be avoided at all costs.