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There comes a time in every author's life when one must actually update her website with pertinent information about her books. In this spirit, I have removed the old, quirky bio from my front page, and replaced it with something a bit more commonsensical. But for those of you who are feeling nostalgic for the old one, I thought I'd preserve it here:

Last summer as I was scaling a previously undiscovered Sumarian ziggurat, I contemplated how dreadfully empty of excitement and variety my life was. Only a week before I had broken up with my shaman boyfriend after I discovered his familiar spirit was apparently "familiar with benefits." I had promptly sunk into a routine of humdrum mopery, joining an Egyptian caravan across the desert, where every day was much like the last. It wasn't until I spotted and climbed that fateful ziggurat that the solution to my ennui came to me like a dust storm: what better relief from monotony than to spend endless lonely hours stationary before a laptop "penning" my first novel?

So emerged Queens of All the Earth, a story about travel, love and sisters, though they don't share their pants because they consider such behavior unhygenic. Inspired by E. M. Forster's timeless classic, A Room with a View, I knew I wouldn't have to work too hard to cook up a plot. While best enjoyed on a Himalayan summit with a piping hot mug of green tea and yak butter, Queens of All the Earth is also microwavable for the modern reader on the go.

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