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Well, my first meeting to discuss promotion of Queens of All the Earth with the gentlemen of Bancroft Press was delayed due to an earthquake. The reschedule was nearly put off by a hurricane. For those who don't live in the Baltimore-Washington region, or were otherwise unaware, the endtimes are upon us. Or, my book is just so great the world can't take it (geologically, or, it seems, meteorologically). Endtimes seem more likely.

But just in case you'd like to escape the reality of the impending zombie apocalypse for a little while, please do feel free to crawl into my book. There are no zombies. Or werewolves or vampires, for that matter. There are some inebriated Scottish soccer fans, which remind me a little bit of #1 and #2, from personal experience. Mostly it's just a quiet little love story with some poetry mixed in, an annoying sister, a cute hostel owner (who is real, by the way), a shy hero and a bit about a picnic that goes just...awfully.

If you're wary of taking the author's word on it, I've added the latest reviews, with Kirkus's pending as soon as they publish it online. And just so you know I'm real, there's now a picture of me here, taken by Brandon Stewart, who is far more talented than I am attractive. Enjoy!

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