I'm a published novelist and freelance writer, editor, and audio tech. Check out my journal for creative writing tips, short stories, and news. To learn more about my books or my services, navigate using the links above. 

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Goners: A Short Story

A drifter. A beach town. A woman who emerges from the sea. Read "Goners," a free short story by Hannah Sternberg, and get lost in a gothic and mysterious world. Click to read:

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New Short Story: don't get me wrong oblivion

This week's short story is actually part one of a three-parter. The next two installments will come in the next two weeks, wrapping up right before the launch of my new novel Bulfinch on August 15! This week's story is presented right here on the blog -- click to continue reading below!

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Read an Excerpt from Bulfinch!

Hi gang! It's been a pretty tumultuous week, which threw me off my short story posting schedule. When I asked you guys on Facebook if you'd like to see an excerpt from Bulfinch instead, while I got my act together, the love and support was very encouraging. So here it is. Enjoy the first chapter of Bulfinch.

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