I'm a published novelist and freelance writer, editor, and audio tech. Check out my journal for creative writing tips, short stories, and news. To learn more about my books or my services, navigate using the links above. 

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I'm an independent artist. It's a sexy name for a messy process: I make my living by cobbling together freelance clients, selling books, teaching classes, and writing blog posts. Every full-time artist depends on someone's patronage to keep going. Every single one of you -- yes, you, right there! -- are my patrons, and I appreciate your support. I need that support in order to keep creating the stories, blog posts, and classes that inspire and entertain you. If you want to know how you can help keep this ship sailing, here are some ways:

Buy my books. You can use the link to order from Amazon; or, if you want to support your local bookstore, give them the ISBNs and ask them to order a copy for you -- and maybe one or two more for the store.

Sign up for my classes. I only keep my teaching spot for as long as I can bring in students!

Tell your friends. If I have ever said or written something that moved you, touched you, inspired you, made you laugh, made you cry, or made you think, please share it with your friends. Tell them to come here for more. Not just so I get more sales -- but because sharing something that was meaningful to you gives someone else the chance to experience it. If you want to share my works on social media, check out my contact page for my usernames.

Rattle my tip jar. If you're still craving a way to chip in, you can use the secure PayPal donation button below to throw some money in my hat to support my writing life. If you want your donation to go toward placing Bulfinch at a local library, please include the name and address of the library in the notes section of your donation, and please donate a minimum of $9 per copy of the book you'd like placed.


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